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First and foremost, I wanted to personally reach out to you to introduce myself and my teammate John Dever.  Encompass is one of the top 10 privately-held transportation risk management boutiques in the United States.  We consider ourselves a boutique because, while we manage over $50,000,000 in annual premium, an insurance company, a self-insured Worker’s […]

Join expert speakers Greg Feary and Tom O’Donnell to learn best practices for managing owner operators. Legislative developments have created new challenges and risks for transportation companies using independent contractors. Our speakers will share emerging strategies and audit tips to effectively manage owner operators. This webinar, sponsored by Encompass Risk Solutions, features these important topics: […]

Today’s challenges are tomorrow’s opportunities. Businesses have a legal duty to their workers to create a safe workplace. However, misfortunes happen even if a company has taken reasonable safety measures. Over the past 3 decades, workplace safety has been subject to tremendous changes. Although this area has had significant improvement in its time, there are […]

A lot of people today are confused as to the difference between Garage & Garage Keepers Liability and aren’t sure of what to discuss when they interact with an agent. So let’s take a small dive into the two: Garage Liability Coverages Garage operations include the proprietorship, upkeep or use of whereabouts for garage business. […]

Most trucking company owners are aware of the fact that distracted drivers can result in a high frequency of accidents and subsequent claims. So how can employers combat this? Workshops and seminars are a quick and effective path to success. Focus on the following: Using handheld devices is against the law Drivers should not attempt […]

Let’s assume for a moment that you own a semi-truck and you work as an independent contractor. Most likely you’ll need trucking insurance that goes beyond what your motor insurer offers you. In such cases, when you’re under dispatch, your motor carrier is covered with business insurance. But, when you’re off the clock, you’re not […]

Winter is usually the most dangerous time to be on the road, with conditions often inducing more than the average number of trucking-related accidents and collisions. Frosty temperatures, snow, and slippery roads can impair a commercial operator’s abilities, leading to incursions that increase your commercial truck insurance rates. Fortunately there are many precautions that can […]

Join us for this brief, complimentary and educational web seminar to learn about worker’s compensation challenges in the transportation industry. Despite popular belief, worker’s comp is the one insurance cost business owners can actually influence by understanding the basic nuts and bolts. Guest speaker and subject matter expert Jeff Maconaghy has over 20 years of […]

Operating safely and efficiently is crucial for any good transportation business. And teamwork plays a fundamental role crucial in operating a safe, efficient transportation business while maintaining employee morale. Though management techniques have long utilized tactics like regulations and company policies, these strategies can prove ineffective and even dangerous. Safety must come first – it’s […]