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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently cited news sources reporting over 1,500 explosions in the past several years caused by Electronic Smoking Devices. These include e-cigarettes, e-cigars, e-pipes, e-hookahs, personal vaporizers and electronic nicotine delivery systems. Exposure of sensitive, flammable, or combustible materials to these devices can (and has) caused severe injury to large numbers […]

As freight growth slows and an oversupply of shipping capacity develops, it’s having a mounting effect on profitability for large and small carriers. While an as yet undetermined number of small carriers teeter on the brink of insolvency, larger carriers are cutting their fleet size in an effort to cut costs and protect equipment utilization. […]

Cargo theft is on the rise as a result of the summer holidays. With labor day drawing closer (and many holidays thereafter), it’s time to focus on the issue. Weekend thefts already make up nearly half of reported cargo thefts, and holiday thefts are 40% higher than thefts that occur on non-holiday weekends. Last year, […]

One minute meetings with Encompass Risk Solutions are quick, free, and impactful. How often do you get in and out of meeting with useful information in 60 seconds? Today we’re talking cost control. Most transportation companies have significant room for improvement in this area. So find out what you can do about it in our […]

Logistics have become a competitive advantage for businesses. Mobile technology allows companies to create efficient routes, monitor driver performance, and allows companies to increase the number of deliveries they can make in a day. With cloud-based route planning, businesses can take their logistics to the next level with unprecedented customer service and economies of scale. […]

There has been a lot of confusion among shippers and brokers about what CSA 2010/SMS means in terms of vetting carriers and transportation liability. Separating fact from fiction will help you understand the best way to protect your next delivery. Vetting Carriers Some shippers believe it is their responsibility to investigate potential carriers by using […]

The owner of a moving and storage company pled guilty to multiple charges as the result of bait-and-switch tactics used to illegally obtain thousands of dollars from customers. Massaro and his co-conspirators held homeowners’ goods hostage until absorbent fees were paid, and if they didn’t pay, the property was sold at auction. Moving Household Goods […]

Modern shippers face greater risks and challenges than their predecessors. Specifically, there are three major problems that plague the shipping industry today. What are they, and how can we combat them? Read on to learn more. Three Biggest Shipping Problems According to national surveys, the three biggest problems in the shipping industry are: 85% indicated […]

Truckers often dream of owning a commercial truck. They can become owner operators, earn more money, and gain their freedom. Yet many truckers continue leasing trucks from an employer, often because they don’t feel they can afford owning a Class 8. Understand the true cost of owning a commercial truck. The Cost of Ownership Becoming […]

The recent kickoff of the International Roadcheck program started in early June. This year’s theme includes Level 1 tire inspections. If you are an independent carrier, you may be wondering what states conduct the most stringent inspections and if you and your vehicle are at risk of receive a maintenance violation. Looking at last year’s […]