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There is a growing threat to transportation cargo security, including fleet trucking cargo. Cyber hackers attack shippers and carriers at multiple access points across the supply chain. These online thieves are able to use information technology to commit cybercrime and fraudulently steal loads. Sometimes the thieves hitch their tractor to a loaded trailer; other times […]

It is no secret that driving while impaired is dangerous and can have lethal consequences. In the past, impaired driving meant operating a vehicle while distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, due to the ever-increasing number of fatigue-related accidents, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) updated their definition of impaired […]

How much do fleet executives really know about the daily realities their drivers’ experience? Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) facilitated a panel discussion at its 2016 Fall Symposium. The Symposium was held in Scottsdale, Arizona in November. The panel discussion was led by two long-term leaders in the industry – Danny Smith, representative for Truckload Carriers […]

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently updated their guidelines to protect vehicles from cyber-attacks. These updates focus on proactive ways to improve cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a major safety concern and can damage motor carriers’ businesses if ignored. Many trucking companies think of workplace safety as following federal safety regulations, performing proper vehicle maintenance, […]

Malcolm McLean started his trucking company during the Great Depression as a way to help his family survive. He was a resourceful man that quickly grew his one-man operation to a thriving business by 1940. He continued to grow his fleet to over 1700 trucks and sold his business for $12 million in the mid […]

New federal mandates call for more breaks for truck drivers. The goal is to improve safety by reducing drowsiness while on the road. However, increasing breaks helps one safety issue while hindering another. More breaks mean more stops, and this casts a glaring light on the lack of truck parking. Safe parking has long been […]

Large trucking companies have had to reduce their fleets in response to diminishing demand for ground transportation, according to the Wall Street Journal. It is hoped that the holidays will regain the lost momentum as retail stores and distribution centers call for trucking services. The reduced demand for ground transportation services has increased rates for […]

If you are not already experiencing winter driving conditions on your routes, cold weather hazards will soon be upon us. The early days of winter driving season are often the most treacherous of all because many drivers on the road are not prepared. Now is the time for fleets to prepare their drivers and equipment […]

It’s easy to underestimate the hazards involved when refueling a diesel truck or other piece of equipment. Personal injury or property damage can occur during fueling operations. Careless refueling can cause burns, fires or explosions. Diesel is a hazardous substance that has the potential for leaks and spills. It is important to exercise environmental precautions […]

Cargo theft is an extensive and growing problem that affects consumers and businesses alike. Cargo theft poses a real threat to our country’s economy and national security. The FBI estimates that the annual cost of cargo theft is between $15 – $30 billion in the United States. Cargo thieves are sophisticated, organized and often trained […]